Packssion’s vision is to develop advanced technology, down-to-earth business, and listen to our customers' needs. We provide a full range of integrated services such as automation integration, production line consultation, dedicated production line creation, machine development and manufacturing, and business proposals.

Packssion also represent world-renowned packaging machinery and equipment. We are committed to meeting your productivity and practical needs, maintaining the quality of your products, and effectively helping your company improve the satisfaction of your products.

We specialize in a wide range of packaging machines, including
  • packaging machines:vertical filling machines (liquid, powder, capsule and tablets), fill seal machines
  • Automatic Friction Feeders:card feeders, paper feeders, bag feeders
  • Feed Hopper:custom-made for all types of products and materials
  • Labeling related equipment:label counting machine, label dispensing machine, corner folding and labeling machine, etc.
  • Automatic Print and Apply Labeler: applied in various industries, including electronics industry, food industry, etc.

All products are customized and developed by our professional engineering team, with advanced product design technology and services to enhance the quality and efficiency of our customers' processes and reduce their production costs.

Our team serves worldwide with innovation and passion and continues to grow with today's marketplace demands and can indeed be your reliable partner.

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