Automatic Quantitative Liquid Filling and Packaging Machine

Automatic liquid filling and packaging machine applies extensively to products with liquid content and granular liquid. Packssion can customize the machine according to the product's characteristics, and the packing types include three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing, back sealing, etc.

From bag manufacture → accurate measuring → filling → sealing → bag cutting → product output, fully automatic one-machine production, which makes the production efficiency fast and stable.

According to the characteristics of the products, you can select different filling equipment to complement the vertical packing machine, which is not bound by one machine. It is also suitable for customers who have various products and can flexibly use the packaging machine by simply changing different types of filling equipment.

* Filler’s motor adopts electronic automatic measurement, accurate measurement and small deviation value.

* Adopt major foreign manufacturers' sensing systems, accurately making bags, sealing and cutting.

* With output counting function and automatic stop when completing set amount.

* Easy adjustment of package size and length

* Ultrasonic bonding or thermal sealing can be chosen as packaging sealing according to the requirement.

* High precision bag cutting, thermal sealing can change different styles according to requirements.

* The machine can add a temperature controller according to the requirement, which can control heating speed to achieve excellent performance to maintain quality of products.

* Filling nozzles have an anti-leakage design and bottle mouth calibration equipment for accurate feeding of filling nozzles into the container.

* The main structure of the machine is made of stainless steel, which is easy to disassemble and clean and meets the sanitation requirements.
Specifications are based on the product’s actual size, physical characteristics and film material.
Option Accessories
* Feeding machine
* Filling machine: select according to the product characteristics, it can coordinate with packaging machines or operate alone.
* Date coder: print the manufacturing date
* Easy-open design: create easy-to-use packaging
* Labeling machine: with conveyor belt combined with labeling equipment to improve production capacity, quality and stability.
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